Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Are you going to try for a Girl?

“Are you out of your mind?” is what blasts through my head behind the pronounced eye bulge and sweet smile that come across my face when a stranger enters my space with that question.

No, no, I say, we’re plenty fulfilled.

It is certainly a conundrum to me, the rate at which strangers come forth with this question.  I am always surprised when I hear it being asked again, because I can’t really believe they are asking it. A more appropriate question (for many reasons) would be to simply ask if we’d go for a 4th.  I mean, my 3 boys are sitting RIGHT here.  They do know they are boys, you know.

As I ponder this possibility of more children though, boy? girl? what’s the difference? (Hold your thoughts for the moment, blessed daughter-spawners.) Sheer quantity is truly where it lies.  These stranger-folk should ask me if I would try for a parakeet, hamster, or Rottweiler to clean up after.  This is a subject of quantity, of simply adding more to the mix.  Adding more to a mix, that I have sufficiently maxed.  My mix is maxed.  It just is.  

I am sure I am missing something hugely amazing not having a daughter to hang out with, but I know nothing else, so I feel pretty good.  My Sly Fox and I play a make-believe game called "Princess Party".  I'm the Princess, he's the Noble Brave Prince who saves my party and my hugely bejeweled crown from the Evil Mean King. He air-sword fights with his "Mad Face" on and gets the stolen crown back.  My sweet Sly Fox, loves to save me and protect me from evil, and I'm pretty cool with that.  He even delivers my make-believe cake to me to blow out its candles, then claps happily for me. He is a compassionate soul, who deeply cares about others.  This trait also allows him to be sly on occasion.  His inner working knowledge of how people tick, permits him to test his boundaries at times with said people, all with a twinkle in his big, fat blueberry eye.

My guys rock. There’s nothing better in this world than to love and be loved by your husband and children.  My mix is maxed and I'm deeply fulfilled and truly satisfied.

And so (trumpet playing), to formally tribute the fallen girls’ names, we bow our heads:


May you rest in peace in my Baby Names folder, or at least until my psychic foresees our need for 3 female dogs. 

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