Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Caffeine.  Controversial amongst experts on the benefits and drawbacks of this magical substance, sure.  But in my book, this is the stuff dreams are made of. 

It is a typical morning where I wake up angry-angry, because I don’t have enough sleep.  My 13-month-old (at the time) still gets up twice, or once, whatever, every night and then I have to deal with all 3 buggers from 7:30a – 7p.  Blah. Blah.

Anyhow, I start slow with the coffee, just the one cup.  Then, soon after, there is no counting.  A free-flowing, ongoing consumption happens till around 11:30a, leaving me downright giddy.  I’m getting lunch ready, dancing around the house with the baby and the Sly Fox, making up loud verses that rhyme with kid songs, like: “the Donkeys on the Bus go Hee Haw Hee, Hee Haw Hee."

On maybe my 7th creative adjustment to Old MacDonald, when Old Mac had a chihuahua or something, the Sly Fox cocks his head slightly, and with a smidge of a smirk on his face, looks me straight in the eye and says, “Mama? Is there a button to turn you off?”

Really? Really?!  

These little guys are very lucky to have a creative Renaissance-like mother who can make up incredible verses to their seemingly infinite array of animal songs.  Another mom might be in a straight jacket after years of repeated trouncing by these musical renditions.  But no, to survive, I entertain myself hopped up on illegal amounts of caffeine, imagining what else could possibly ride that freaking Bus.

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