About Island Momtality

Geographically speaking, I make my home on an island in the Northeast.  Those that choose to live here (let's hope it's free choice) are surrounded by ocean with one road to take us to and from the mainland.  I view Island Mentality as the belief in an island culture's unique, carefree extremism that makes us relish in our choice to think differently, take roads less traveled and reject keeping up with the Jones’. This thinking allows us to believe that we would rather be nowhere else.  Island Momtality is what my Island Mentality turned into when I became a mother. 

My island is now my home where I raise my three sons.  They (and my husband) are what matters most.  Trivial things have faded.  I fiercely protect, nurture and cherish them.  As mothers, this is what happens to us when we have children.  They are our island.  We care first and foremost about what happens to them, around them and what they do. When necessary, we reject questionable outside influences in order to shield, cultivate and savor our unique group.  There is no other place on Earth we would rather be (at least, most of the time).

Now, I couldn't do everything entirely on my own on this island.  I am a firm believer in "it takes a village".  This amazing village steps up to help create the safe, nurturing haven we live in.  Without dedicated family and close friends to support, understand and love us, it would be impossible to raise these children.  We are so very lucky and humbled by their continued wisdom and devotion.

These posts come from my Island Momtality perspective. I often vent from a day’s worth of nurturing challenges, so that I may find the humor in them somewhere.  Storytelling allows me to go to bed without growl lines on my face and remember my Island Momtality. 

My guys, the Professor, age 6, the Sly Fox, age 3 and the baby (nickname to come), age 15 mos are the subjects of my storytelling.  They are my life.  While my husband and I had it pretty good before these little guys came, I never knew the kind of deep human fulfillment that being their mother would bring me until they arrived.  I just had no idea.  There is nothing better in life, and I am so grateful for them and my husband, who in partnership, we make this life.